IV-Techmould 1087.5kW rooftop sloar power station was officially completed and put into use

After three months of intense construction, the rooftop solar power generation independently invested by IV-Techmould was officially completed and put into use in early February 2024.

The construction address of the power station is located on the roof of No. 16 plant of IV-Techmould (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. located in the National Environmental Protection Industrial Park of Suzhou High-tech Zone.  This project is built by JiangSu ZhongDuoLvNeng Co.Ltd., and the solar panels are made of Canadian Solar monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which have the advantages of long life and fast photoelectric conversion.  This project used 1875 pcs solar panels, with a total installed capacity of 1087.5kWP. According to the local illumination in Suzhou, it can generate 1.08 million KWP of electricity per year, and is expected to be used for at least 25 years.  It is expected to recover the investment cost within 5 years. 


On the eve of the Spring Festival on February 12, 2024, the power station was officially connected to the grid for power generation.  The use of green energy is of great significance, which is becoming increasingly serious in industrialization. The excessive use of energy increases the risk of earth pollution, and the excessive emission of CO2 makes the earth's greenhouse effect increasingly serious.  IV-Techmould participates in low-carbon emission reduction actions with practical actions.  Based on the use of 0.123kg of standard coal per KWH of electricity, carbon dioxide emissions per ton of standard coal reach 2.7 tons, and the project can reduce carbon emissions by about 358.67 tons per year. 


Building a green power station is only a small step for us to assume social responsibility. In the future, IV-Techmould will continue to pay attention to social responsibility such as low carbon emission reduction.